Waste to oil

We run a project in Kampala, Uganda via our subsidiary Green Solutions Uganda Ltd. The basic principle is to make vegetable oil out of agricultural waste projects. The oil, which is not edible, can be used in converted diesel engines.

The main raw material we use is the so-called candlenut, the (inedible) nuts of a tree that grows in various semi-arid areas used for grazing. Also in the mix is the inedible part of maize.

The raw material is first smashed into small pieces and then it is squeezed in a press. The extracted oil is then filtered and ready for use! The solid material coming out of the press is used in the manufacture of briquettes, used in cooking as an alternative to charcoal.

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The benefits of this process are many. Uganda currently imports almost all of its liquid fuels and homegrown fuels obviously reduce this economic burden. Compared to normal diesel engines, our converted engines produce relatively small quantities of particulates which are so damaging to health. The farmers have an extra source of income, particularly useful since the nuts and other raw materials come mainly from economically less-developed parts of the country. And by supplying our solid byproduct to a briquette manufacturer, we support the production of a safe cooking fuel and reduce the demand for wood from forests.